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Sales Cloud

Implemented 47 on scratch projects on Sales Cloud across 12 different industries segments.

Features Implemented :

Sales Process Automation, Sales Visit Planning, Orders & Subscription Management, Suppliers, Dealer, Management etc.

Manufacturing Services Industry

Objective :

To help Germany based heavy engineering equipment manufacturing company automate order management

Key Features :
  • Map customers and build account segmentation
  • Ageing analysis on customer’s buying behaviors
  • Automate supply value chain
  • Integration with back end Accounting

Service Cloud

Implemented 42 on scratch projects on Service Cloud across 9 different industries segments.

Features Implemented :-

Omni channel customer servicing, Call Centre Management, Service Level Agreements & Compliances, Chat, etc.

Retail Telco Provider

Objective :

To help Netherlands based telephony company to handle all Service cases on Salesforce

Key Features :
  • Manage cases originating from multiple channels like social media, call centers, business portals, etc.
  • Rule based handling of service cases
  • Managing frequently received service cases
  • CTI integration for handling call center related disposition
  • Managing SOPs for case resolutions

CPQ Projects

Implemented 4 on-scratch projects in CPQ over last year.

HiTech Company

Objective :

Implementation of CPQ with Billing for a European Shipping and Weather Forecasting company

Key Features :
  • Multiple business lines and different business process for each business line
  • Implementation of CPQ tool right from dashboard stages
  • Migration from Old custom made solution to CPQ tool
  • Reduce steps and clicks involved in managing Orders/Contracts/Billing
  • Find and implement workarounds for functional limitations of CPQ tool
  • Configure different products ,pricing, bundles, discount for different business lines

SteelBrick Implementation – US Magazine

Affordable and efficient implementation of popular quote automation tool Steelbrick

End to end quote automation which helps user closely track and close leads & manage opportunities obtained from multiple sources like website, referral, emails, etc.

Complete control over Discounts. Adherence to pricing policy. Setting up of Advance pricing mechanism

HiTech Company

Objective :

To help clients achieve complete Quote automation and one stop solution that integrates across various platforms like website, internal referral, emails, etc. The solution delivers its service through automatic emails, sms, suggestions to sales team for connecting with leads by offering dynamic pricing.

Key Features :
  • Automates complete quote management policy
  • Strict control over discounted pricing and adherence to pricing policy
  • Discount Control
  • Help reduce manual work substantially (in this case client was able to better utilize its resources by dropping team size on quote generation to 4 people from existing 15 member team)
  • Strong third party integration with SMSes, Email clients and ERP solutions

CPQ Implementation – US Health Player

Developed a CPQ solution for a USA based healthcare service provider

Ability to select different packages based on products, subscription models, frequency, etc.

Fees & Price Structure which dynamically adjusts itself basis the duration of service opted by customers

Objective :

To help client simplify the quote generation and invoicing process. Client has around 23+ services which could be bundled and offers a dynamic pricing basis the Customer’s demography. The solution enabled the Client to generate quotes and track renewals in real time.

Key Features :
  • Automates complete end to end Quote Process
  • Track renewals of services, better customer engagement, feedback monitoring, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing with discounting algorithm based on Demography of customer
  • One stop solution for Quote, Invoicing and Subscription tracking

Field Service Lightning - Singapore

Features Implemented :

Scheduling, Work Orders Creation, Mobile interface, Dispatcher Console Etc.

Professional Services Industry

Objective :

To help Singapore based client manage his on ground service resources and automate scheduling of work orders. The entire on ground operation is now handled by a 2 person operation team.

Key Features :
  • Automates scheduling of on ground resources
  • Gives easier & faster turn around time by assigning nearest resource to customer
  • Track each activity and provide support guidance using chatter in salesforce
  • Integration with local time and cost prediction system
  • Compute and manage allowances depending on the work order and travel records of the resources

Field Service Lightning - USA

Features Implemented :

Scheduling, Work Orders Creation, Mobile interface, Dispatcher Console, Offline Mode.

Engineering Services Industry

Objective :

To help USA based, conveyor belt and mining engineering services company to schedule maintenance and assign service requests to technical experts automatically.

Key Features :
  • Easy generation of service requests and job sheets
  • Complete repository for Service Engineers skill sets, machinery & tool kits availability, etc.
  • Automates scheduling of Service Requests basis contractual agreements
  • Integration with in-house service manuals, implementation and engineering design system, technical specifications etc.
  • Offline management of service requests

Community Cloud

Implemented over 40 community implementations across industries in Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail, Non-Profits & Finance

Non – Profit Industry

Objective :

Implementation of community to Discover, Connect and Say for Entrepreneurs, Mentors and Investor for a Non Profit organization. The client wanted to develop a medium which it can rely on to stay connected and engage its members and thus drive donations.

Key Features :
  • Single platform for different segments and user type
  • Seamless collaboration platform to connect users
  • Search feasibility with highly précised fuzzy logic
  • Recommendation based on region, functional skill and expertise
  • Platform to connect people via emails
  • Raise fund and capitals

Professional Services Industry

Objective :

Implementation of multiple community for staffing organization in Europe with fully customized UI. We implemented several different communities to manage various business of a large HR company with business interests in professional services, HR software, contract management, etc.

Key Features :
  • Multiple community for different partners and employees
  • Leveraged on latest community template to provide OOB feature
  • Created many lightning component to ease the process for the users
  • Employee management like HR, Timesheets over community
  • Manage salary process using integration with banks

Commerce Cloud

Implemented 7 on scratch projects on Commerce Cloud projects across Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma, Hi-Tech, etc.

Feature Implemented :

B2B (CloudCraze), B2C (Demandware), Multiple Storefronts, Integration with ERPs, Warehouse ,Inventory Management, Payment gateways

Manufacturing Industry

Objective :

To help USA based manufacturing client offer specialty machineries on rental to Government Contractors

Key Features :
  • Storefront for Machineries
  • Categorization into Spares, Service & OEMs
  • Stock Management & Dynamic pricing
  • Integration with SAP

Retail Industry

Objective :

To help Swedish retailer to offer products across pan Europe distribution network

Key Features :
  • Integration with SAP
  • Multi-Cloud Salesforce Implementation with Marketing, Sales, Service & Commerce Interface
  • Handle re-order and negotiated pricing with Distributors
  • End to end business flow management for Distributors on B2B Portal

Retail Industry

Objective :

To help USA retailer offer clothing brand across North America

Key Features :
  • 3 Store Fronts for different brands
  • Integration with fulfillment centers across USA
  • Inventory management & stock replenishment business logic on B2C Portal
  • Integration with Navision & retail stores


Implemented over 25 projects on Pardot across industries in Retail, Media & Telecommunication

Features Implemented :

Visitor Tracking, Lead Scoring, Auto Email Assignment, Journey Builder, Dynamic Content Etc.

Media Industry

Objective :

To help clients achieve complete marketing automation with one stop solution that integrates across various platforms like website, internal referral, emails, social media, etc. The solutions delivers its service through automatic emails, SMS, suggestions to sales team for connecting with leads, etc.

Key Features :
  • Automated complete lead management cycle
  • Strong third party integration with SMSes, Email clients, etc.
  • Dashboards and drill down analysis of leads
  • Help reduce manual work substantially (in one case client was able to better utilize its
  • resources by dropping team size on lead management to 4 people from existing 15 member team).


Implemented 4 Heroku implementations from scratch

Retail Industry

Objective :

The client had developed a PHP website which was used by its Affiliate Marketers to get product related information, enter customer specific details and record payment information. This data had to be pulled into Salesforce to compute Payout fees for affiliate marketers and was accomplished using Heroku.

Key Features :
  • Integration with PHP Website
  • Leads and Sale information pulled from Website into Salesforce
  • Payout fees computed in Salesforce using the data feed from the website
  • Payout information would be reverse fed to PHP website for perusal of Affiliate



Core Capabilities

Sales & Service Cloud

  • ~90 Implementations
  • 7+ years exp.
  • Clients spread in over 21 industry segments and over 10 experienced developers in the team.

Community Cloud

  • ~40 Implementations
  • 3 years exp.
  • Clients spread in over 4 industry segments and over 12 experienced developers in team.


  • ~25 Implementations
  • 4 years exp.
  • Clients spread in over 3 industry segments and over 4 experienced developers in team.

App Exchange

  • ~ 8 Implementations
  • 5 years exp.
  • 5 experienced developers in the team which can handle AppExchange Launches and Development.